Vicennium (2004-2024)

Vicennium (2004-2024) is a curated collection that spans twenty years of Ivan Tucakov’s musical explorations, derived out of thousands of creative encounters with a diverse range of world class performers. Weaving a spectrum of styles, this edition encompasses and even transcends cultures across continents. Join us on this journey of 40 remastered tracks from 8 albums, featuring independently released singles, assorted into a digital box-set of 4 distinct musical worlds: expansion of boundaries, dance, return to origins and reflection.

:: Digital BOX-SET ::
Side A – “World in Fusion”

Side B – “Rasa Groove”
Side C – “Danza Mediterranea”
Side D – “Dusk to Dawn”

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Moon weeps Stars – Elfin Saddle Op.No.1 (Single – 2024)

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Moon weeps Stars – Elfin Saddle Op.No.1

Moon weeps stars over Elfin Saddle fields, while voices of yehus and tamburicas entwine sounds of music and magic throughout the entire world, ringing off ancient songs of prairies, open skies and vast expanses.

Johannes Kroller accompanies Elfin Saddle with the yehu, a coconut “violin”, part of the huqin family of instruments. A 2-stringed oriental fiddle with a horse hair bow strung between the 2 strings. This particular yehu is more than 100 years old, and is made out of elaborately carved coconut, with coconut tree wood spanning the face and inlayed decorated head.

In addition to nylon string guitar, Ivan Tucakov explores the tamburica (pron. tamburitza), which belongs to a family of long-necked lutes which are popular in northern regions of the Balkan peninsula in Europe, and where he was born and partially raised.

Elfin Saddle (Helvella lacunosa) emits the tiniest sounds one can hear. Johannes and Ivan captured these sounds, making them the first ever micro-world sound recordings of molecular and cellular level spore releases in a mushroom.

Composition – Johannes Kroller
Production & Artwork – Ivan Tucakov