Infinite (2021)

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Stream “Infinite ∞ Singles” on (2 singles)

Infinite ∞ Vinyl

We present this exclusive collector’s edition of our latest album “Infinite ∞” in vinyl. It features intricately embossed front cover artwork, together with inner sleeve lyrics and a digital download card. Complement your record collection by purchasing a copy from this limited issue of only 200 records.

Each “Infinite ∞” record comes with an inclusive free download of 3 hours of music, from the newly released compilation called “Once upon a Decade (2004-2014)“.

If you are interested in obtaining a signed copy of the record, or perhaps giving a dedication, please send us your comments.

:: In Record Stores, Vancouver, BC (June 20 – Sept 20) ::
Red Cat, 4332 Main St.
Zulu, 1972 W 4th Ave.
Highlife, 1317 Commercial Dr.

Once upon a Decade (2004-2014)

Once upon a Decade (2004-2014) is a curated collection that spans ten years of music making, derived out of thousands of musical explorations with a diverse range of world class performers. Weaving a spectrum of styles, this edition encompasses and even transcends cultures across continents. Join us on this journey of 32 remastered tracks from 7 albums, assorted into a digital box-set of 4 distinct musical worlds: dance, relaxation, expansion of boundaries and return to origins.

:: Digital BOX-SET ::
Side A – “Island Groove”

Side B – “Dusk to Dawn”
Side C – “World in Fusion”
Side D – “Danza Mediterranea”

Once upon a Decade (2004-2014) is also released as a complimentary download that comes with the purchase of the “Infinite ∞” vinyl record.

Stream below, or download the full album on Bandcamp

Arribada (2014)

Nominated for WCMA‘s 2015 Best World Recording
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In Concert (2012)

Nominated for WCMA‘s 2013 Best World Recording

Adsum (2011)

Nominated for WCMA‘s 2011 Best World Recording

Tambura Rasa Beats (2009)

Nominated for WCMA‘s 2010 Best World Recording
Two tracks released on European Lounge Compilation “Café del Mar”

Kamanala (2008)

Viaje (2006)

Sunrise on a New World (2004)