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New Album Arribada Released!

Ivan Tucakov and Tambura Rasa - Arribada Album CoverThe latest album called “Arribada” is a remarkably diverse collection of music, which brings Tucakov’s most recent compositions to an eclectic assembly of performers and cultures from all corners of the globe. The album lifts off with an outlandish and captivating cover of a classic rock & roll tune, which is followed by an upbeat dance clave taking you straight to Cuba! The journey then continues on with a luscious fusion of classical strings, traditional Balkan brass, tamburicas, Turkish darbuka, Indian tabla, bansuri, Flamenco guitar and more. Delve into this spellbound world of odd rhythms, dance grooves and sensual melodies. Experience the allure of “Arribada”.

“As the globe stresses and strains along artificially drawn borders, Ivan Tucakov and Tambura Rasa pick up the musical threads that bind us all and weave them into a tapestry of discovery and delight.”
– Cal Koat – World Beats Radio Canada
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Below are a two singles we released from this album. For the first one, make sure you have 15 minutes to spare and for the second one, make sure you have your dancing shoes on! 🙂

Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” cover
TR - Shine on you - Video Thumb
“En la Vida” – featuring Miguelito Valdez
TR - En la Vida - Video Thumb


Tambura Rasa 2014 Project

Friends and Fans!

After four years of calm, we are going back into the studio to record the next TR album, followed by a big concert release in Vancouver in the fall!

We just released an Indiegogo campaign and we invite you all to contribute and join us in this new journey. This is our first campaign ever! Please buy a perk, share with your networks and be part of it all!

Tambura Rasa Indiegogo 2014 Campaign

And for any updates and other upcoming events, follows us or visit our website!

Thank you for being part of it all for the past decade, let’s have another decade filled with music and dance!


Thank you Jazz FM

I feel very fortunate to be one of the seven candidates that were chosen to be part of the “Identities” interview series about people who came to Canada, created a life for themselves and furthered their musical careers. Today was the last day of the series and here’s the interview that Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrath did with my brother Nikola, my best friend Owen and myself.

The interview actually gets pretty raw and intimate at times and even cheesy with some of my hilarious music influences, so buckle up for that… And despite the parenting struggles that I refer to, family is family and to be clear I love them for every opportunity they’ve given me! 🙂

Here’s the recording of my interview broadcast and thank you again to Alan, Paul and the Jazz FM team.


For the full podcast series, Jazz FM has posted a podcast: www.jazz.fm/identities/


Ivan Tucakov & TR @ JAZZ.FM91 – Identities: The Documentary Series

Ivan Tucakov, Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrathTwo award winning film-makers, Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrath spent last two years traveling around Canada interviewing a handful of world musicians for the Toronto based radio station Jazz FM91. The Maytree foundation asked them to research and find people who moved away from their homes, found a new home in Canada and established themselves with a new community and continued developing their art and music in the new environment. I was one of them.

We spent a couple of days together basically hanging out and recording a few hours of informal interviews. The experience was remarkable, we shared a variety of life stories back and forth. I surely was as interested in their life stories as much as they were in mine. They even told me about their experience at John & Yoko’s “Bed-ins for Peace” in ’69. On the last day of their visit, they attended one of Tambura Rasa concerts, interviewed some of the band members and they even requested to chat to some of my close friends for many years. (more…)