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Vino & Forte & Tambura Rasa

Tambura Rasa is joining forces with Vino & Forte to offer a first time ever live collaboration with over a dozen performers and dancers on November 11th, 2018 at the Goldcorp Stage, Vancouver.

Tambura Rasa at Fox Cabaret – Dec 6, 2017

Prepare for another full night of dancing and superb energy-infused tunes by Tambura Rasa at the Fox Cabaret, Vancouver on Dec 6, 2017!


Global Grooves – an evening of dance with Tambura Rasa at Fox Cabaret – May 25, 2017

Prepare for a full night of dancing and superb energy-infused tunes by Tambura Rasa at the Fox Cabaret, Vancouver on May 25, 2017!


Exclusive Tambura Rasa Concert – November 9th, 2016 @ Pyatt Hall

Tambura Rasa Pyatt 2016
Join us for an exclusive Tambura Rasa Concert at the stunning Pyatt Hall in Downtown Vancouver on November 9th, 2016!

The room will be beautifully arranged for a dance floor by the stage and terraced floor seating throughout the hall, which will be decorated with cushions and candles! You are welcome to bring your own cushions for extra comfort!

Enjoy the TR fusion of groovy music from all corners of the globe!


TR @ Vancouver 2015 Folk Festival & more


We are thrilled to announce that Tambura Rasa will be part this year’s Vancouver Folk Festival. This year’s festival line-up is outstanding too! It will be a pleasure to share the stage with some of the worlds top World Music acts.

We will be hitting up Stage 3 on the evening of Friday July 17th and doing a variety of collaborations with some Hungarian and Kurdish bands throughout the day on Saturday July 18th.

We will also be playing a free set on Granville Island, Ron Basford Park on July 1st @7:45pm as part of the Vancouver Coastal Jazz Festival, in association with  South Asian Mela Festival.

Come and join the party with us!

Just Announced – Official Tambura Rasa New Album Release Concert

TR Arribada Album Release Concert  - Oct 10 2014

On Oct 10 2014, get ready for the show of the year!

The concert in March earlier this year SOLD OUT weeks in advance and more than a quarter of the tickets for this show have already gone through the TR Indiegogo campaign two months ago.

Tambura Rasa will present their most stunning world fusion event within one night. Gathering over twenty sensational musicians and dancers and a brand new repertoire of songs from the new album entitled Arribada.

The show will feature Samba, Flamenco and Belly dances and for the first time, Indian Classical Kathak Dance, plus a variety of surprise guest musicians.

Join us for this spectacular evening in one of Vancouver’s most unique venues, Academie Duello.

Academie Duello – 412 W Hastings St, Vancouver
8:30pm Wine Reception (Cash Bar)
9:30pm Show

– Dress to impress!
– Certain amount of tables and seats will be available on first-come-first-serve basis starting at 8:30pm, when doors open.
– Flamenco/Bellydance/Kathak/Samba dance performances will happen in the first set, starting 9pm. Dance floor opens at 10pm.
– The music to dance to will involve a fusion of African, Spanish, Turkish, Middle-Eastern, Balkan and beyond.
– The bar will only accept cash, there is no bank machine at the venue.

Tambura Rasa 2014 Project

Friends and Fans!

After four years of calm, we are going back into the studio to record the next TR album, followed by a big concert release in Vancouver in the fall!

We just released an Indiegogo campaign and we invite you all to contribute and join us in this new journey. This is our first campaign ever! Please buy a perk, share with your networks and be part of it all!

Tambura Rasa Indiegogo 2014 Campaign

And for any updates and other upcoming events, follows us or visit our website!

Thank you for being part of it all for the past decade, let’s have another decade filled with music and dance!


Tambura Rasa – 10 Year Celebration Concert

Tambura Rasa - 10 Year Celebration Concert

Prepare yourselves for the show of the decade!

Yes, it has been full ten years with Tambura Rasa and we are gearing up to present our most stunning world fusion event within one night. Gathering over twenty sensational musicians and dancers from Tambura Rasa’s past, join us for this spectacular evening in one of Vancouver’s most unique venues, Academie Duello. There are limited tickets and the response is already enormous so make sure to grab yours in advance and be part of this celebration! (more…)

Orchestrated Strings come to Life at Live TR Performances

Tambura Rasa In Concert CD CoverIt’s been less than a year since the live Tambura Rasa performance featuring  Black String quartet and classical pianist Oriana White for the very first time ever, and the concert recording got nominated for the best world music album at this year’s West Coast Music Awards.  Throughout the last decade, many TR recordings contained middle-eastern strings sound with rich harmonic content. It is a delicate process to produce this sound in recordings, let alone live, but working in a classical, orchestrated setting with a group of world class musicians, we are now bringing this sound to our fans at our concerts!

We’ll be throwing a party for our fans in Vancouver next week, the night before the West Coast Music Awards weekend starts in Calgary. Wish us luck with the nomination, please vote for the album if you’re rolled in and think that the album deserves it and most importantly, come down to the FanClub on Thursday night, Oct 3 to experience it all live again. (more…)

Impromptu Friday Evening Delight at Cafe Cittadella

Tambura Rasa @ Cittadella 1It is not very often that one can experience a licensed, friendly European-feel, intimate candle-lit outdoor patio evening event in Vancouver. As spoiled as we are with many things in this city, this is one aspect that many people seem to crave – a bit of a “European culture fix”. Filip and Dejan of the cafe Cittadella invited me  last minute to come with Tambura Rasa members and add live music to their third year anniversary party last Friday.

What a pleasure it was to be part of this occasion, friendly, attentive audience, and world class musicianship with Cameron Wilson on the  violin, Kerry Galloway on bass, Oriana White on classical piano and Neelamjit Dhillon on the Indian tabla drum. We crossed the ocean in a heartbeat. Balkan burek pastry and red wine kept coming in too!