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Ivan Tucakov & TR @ JAZZ.FM91 – Identities: The Documentary Series

Ivan Tucakov, Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrathTwo award winning film-makers, Alan Lysaght and Paul McGrath spent last two years traveling around Canada interviewing a handful of world musicians for the Toronto based radio station Jazz FM91. The Maytree foundation asked them to research and find people who moved away from their homes, found a new home in Canada and established themselves with a new community and continued developing their art and music in the new environment. I was one of them.

We spent a couple of days together basically hanging out and recording a few hours of informal interviews. The experience was remarkable, we shared a variety of life stories back and forth. I surely was as interested in their life stories as much as they were in mine. They even told me about their experience at John & Yoko’s “Bed-ins for Peace” in ’69. On the last day of their visit, they attended one of Tambura Rasa concerts, interviewed some of the band members and they even requested to chat to some of my close friends for many years. (more…)