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Orchestrated Strings come to Life at Live TR Performances

Tambura Rasa In Concert CD CoverIt’s been less than a year since the live Tambura Rasa performance featuring  Black String quartet and classical pianist Oriana White for the very first time ever, and the concert recording got nominated for the best world music album at this year’s West Coast Music Awards.  Throughout the last decade, many TR recordings contained middle-eastern strings sound with rich harmonic content. It is a delicate process to produce this sound in recordings, let alone live, but working in a classical, orchestrated setting with a group of world class musicians, we are now bringing this sound to our fans at our concerts!

We’ll be throwing a party for our fans in Vancouver next week, the night before the West Coast Music Awards weekend starts in Calgary. Wish us luck with the nomination, please vote for the album if you’re rolled in and think that the album deserves it and most importantly, come down to the FanClub on Thursday night, Oct 3 to experience it all live again. (more…)