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“As the globe stresses and strains along artificially drawn borders, Ivan Tucakov and Tambura Rasa pick up the musical threads that bind us all and weave them into a tapestry of discovery and delight.”
Cal Koat - World Beats Radio Canada

"It is impossible to box Tambura Rasa into a genre, with them dipping into Spanish, African, Latin and Gypsy styles. Tambura Rasa have definitively built a reputation for big festival and theatre shows using flamboyant flamenco and belly dancers to transport their audiences through time and across continents."
The Revelstoke Free Press - Steph Flemings

"Members of this Vancouver collective fuse world rhythms into one energetic musical brand all their own. Most genre-fusing artists struggle to come up with an original sound with substance, but Tambura Rasa has blended genres and diverse culture from nearly every continent."
Nanaimo Daily News

"A Spanish guitar and contemporary tones with traditional rhythms, it's music that inspires vigorous and joyful reactions"
The Prince George Citizen - Christine Skorepa

"With Spanish guitar, violin and an Afro Latin percussion, Tambura Rasa will provide you with a culture shock without even leaving town. Expect the unexpected with this crew, coming from very different musical backgrounds makes for a very different sound."
Golden Star - Faith Dusevic

"More than just world music, this is positively global in its reach with flamenco and Middle-Eastern music fusing with Balkan, gypsy and Afro-Latin, all performed with great skill and verve"

The Province
- J.P.M. - on Kamanala CD

“Close your eyes and take a journey across cultures with this fusion of gentle yet intricate flamenco-jazz guitar from the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Afro-Cuban percussion, and a flute solo by Pepe Danza.”
Georgia Straight – song Gypsy Love on top 10 playlist

"Tambura Rasa inspire wild Gypsy Music"
CBC Radio 2

"Tambura Rasa will tantalize your senses with its high energy, electrifying, relentless and passionate musical brilliance."

The Source - by Melissa Anderson

"In the midst of a lot of gimmicky fusion, Tambura Rasa stands out as a group that has formed a worthwhile synthesis of music from many cultures."
Read full review at: Cultural Arts Magazine - Rambles

"... It's like a trip around the world, and you don't need to pack or track down your passport. ... The skill level of the performance ensemble is quite high, so world guitar fans should almost consider this a must-have; at the very least, have a listen and hear for yourself. Highly recommended."
Guitar Nine Records - on Viaje CD

"Ten tracks fusing rhythms and instruments from Balkan, Iberian, South American and South Asian traditions. A cut above typical flamenco jazz. This has spark, skill and great production."
The Province Newspaper - review by: Stuart Derdeyn - on Viaje CD

"Tambura Rasa is a World Music group, comprised of a revolving host of sounds from locales as varied and far-flung as India and China, western Africa and Tibet, Australia and Europe--an audio melting pot of cultures. Borders fade into one melody."
by Alex Leslie, "the Ubyssey Magazine"

"World music comes alive"
Vancouver - FM 96.1

"World citizen Ivan Tucakov brings his own spirited and relaxing nylon string guitar playing from the resources of his travels. Tucakov blends east and west with the talents of varied ethnic players. Side by side, it's easy see how much is held in common."

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Georgia Straight - by Tony Montague- Aug 2010 Golden Star - by Faith Dusevic - Aug 2010 The Prince George Citizen - by Christine Skorepa - June 2010


Revelstoke Times Review - Sept 2009 Rocky Mountain Outlook - Oct 2009 Vernon Morning Star - July 2009 Revelstoke Times Review - by Brandon Adams - June 2009


eVent Rutland - by Portia Priegert - Oct 2008 The Vancouver Source - by Melissa Anderson - Feb 2008 The Errington News - by Fred Davies - Apr 2008 The Vancouver Metro - by Jeff Hodson - Mar 2006


'Tambura Rasa peppered our stages with a dynamic blend of world fusion, continually adding hits of the exotic, mysterious, and exciting - leaving audiences hungry for the next course! A true feast for the senses. Through instrument, song and dance, they defined this year's theme Global Fusion and were without question, a festival highlight!'
Lynn Feasey, Director
Folk On the Rocks Folk Festival 2008
, Yellowknife, NT

'What a class act! They were received exuberantly not only by our fans but also the community that hosted them. These incredibly talented musicians were the hit of our festival. TR is world beat unleashed and unlimited.'
Keith Alexander Artistic Director
Edge of the World Music Festival 2008
, Queen Charlottes BC

'Tambura Rasa's CD is very good, but to really experience the band's energy you must see their live performance - they blew the audience away. Ivan and the band threw absolutely everything they had into the show and had everyone on their feet from beginning to end. My only regret was that I hadn't booked them for more than one night.'
Clay Brander, Artistic Director
Sunshine Music Festival 2008, Powell River, BC

'Tambura Rasa were one of the big surprises of the 2008 KMF.....their sound was big, luscious and melodic and they got the audience moving and grooving. Their ability to combine traditional flamenco style guitar with contemporary dance beats in a simple and gettable way make them irresistible on the festival dance floor!'
Devaki Thomas Festival Director
Komasket Folk Fest 2008, Vernon BC

'Duelling dancers, two violins, two powerhouse pecussionists, along with fiery flamenco guitar & deep bass grooves, Tambura Rasa set the stage on FIRE......The heat reamined long after they were gone....
Shara Gustafson,
Robson Valley Festival, Dunster BC

Letters of Recommendation

'Whether it be a soft seat theatre, an outdoor venue or a dance party, I can absolutely recommend this band for either a performance or outreach to include school shows or instrument / dance workshops. They are very professional, easy to work with and superbly talented and infectious!'
Shelly Vida, Performing Arts Coordinator
Rotary Centre For the Arts
, Kelowna, BC

Shelly Vida, Performing Arts Coordinator, Rotary Centre For the Arts, Kelowna, BC - Recommendation Letter  

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